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Our Products


The company KV 2 was founded in 1998 with the desire to offer the best product.
At the moment, the company produces cross country poles, nordic and cross skating poles, accessories  and cross country active wear.
Since a few years, our products are well-known and have been sold in 14 countries, besides, they are tested on competition level, World Cup and Olympic Games.
The KV2's seat and factory are in Dongio in the Valley of Blenio, which is on the south of Switzerland in Ticino.
2004 we have changed our logo from KV2 to KV+.
The new grafic transmits a wider and more dynamic image and gives more visibility to our company.

KV+ products are one of the 3 leading products on the Nordic market and sponsor the most successful nordic nation in the past few years Norway.



OW and ONE WAY are one of the global leading Nordic Sports brands in design and marketing of premium-quality carbon poles, technical apparel, footwear and accessories for consumers who appreciate Cross-country skiing, Nordic Walking and Outdoor sports. Products can be found in leading sports stores, specialty shops and Nordic stores throughout North America, Europe, Asia, Latin America, Australia, Japan and the Middle East. Founded in Finland OW is highly regarded in the Nordic & cross skating Market.



 Fischer sport is one of the worlds leading brands, especially skis and boots are used by the worlds best athletes.


Alpina sport

We know a lot about technology and we’re passionate about design. Above all, though, we believe in freedom of movement. The movement of the bare feet is just perfect, so we’re doing our best to support these feet with comfort, warmth, and protection in a way that’s as natural as possible. Following this principle, we made a series of inspiring improvements in sports footwear. Our clients are active individuals, some of them world champions with a global profile. To them we present boots that make great companions out there: on the ski slope, on a racing venue, or somewhere off the beaten track.

Skike Cross skates have been for years the leading brand for quality & inovation. With a wide range of different models you'll find one that suits your needs. Skike was invented by Otto Eder about 10 years ago and nobody could know how popular these skates will be. 


SRB Barthelmes, german quality & engineering ensure the best quality and products available on the market. Roller skis & Cross skates are manufactured by this family business lead by Arno Barthelmes. Leading Cross country ski nations trust the quality of SRB products.

Our newest partner in the Rollerski sector, we decided to start our cooperation with Bones-sports for the very professional approach by the company and great eye for detail to their products.Test the products for yourself and you'll know what we mean. Best Price/Value product around.